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  1. InvertMC

    Staff Application Template

    Minecraft Username? Age? What is your timezone and when are you most active in your timezone? Are you able to record up to the hacker report standards? Do you have a mic to communicate via voice chat? When did you first join our server? How much time do you have to contribute to our server...
  2. InvertMC

    Staff Application Requirements

    You are only allowed 1 application per application period You can not delete and post a new application If you do post another application your new one will be deleted and your original will be undeleted Must follow the template exactly as shown All questions must be answered truthfully and...
  3. InvertMC

    Welcome to Mineunited

    Hello and Welcome, Mineunited Networks have made its return. With this return we have brought a load of new features to the table. We have reworked all of our plugins and are coming right out the bat with our Survival and Skyblock Server. The Mineunited Dev Team has been working hard to bring...